Russian trapeze artist Malvina abakarova fell during a performance in Switzerland

Российская воздушная гимнастка Мальвина Абакарова сорвалась во время выступления в Швейцарии

Trapeze artist Malvina abakarova fell from a height of four meters during his speech in Lucerne, city in Switzerland. The fall occurred during the execution of the rooms, called “the Thirst for flight” with a partner Valery Sychev. According to representatives of the circus “Knie” Zara Hildebrand, abakarova was hospitalized with broken wrists and a dislocated elbow.

Российская воздушная гимнастка Мальвина Абакарова сорвалась во время выступления в Швейцарии

For the first time in many years in the Swiss circus Knie, in the performance of the rooms “the Thirst for flight”, there was a serious incident. Russian Duo consisting of aerialists Malvina Abakarova and Valeria Sycheva, was showing the tricks of high complexity. The gymnast kept the feet over the head of his partner, who was hanging on the rope. At a certain point, the grip failed, and abakarova fell from a height of 4 meters and fell to the arena.

Additional insurance in the room was not used because, according to the actors, it constrains the movement and gives full power to perform gymnastic stunts. So instead of insurance was only used special tapes which are unable to protect Abakarova from falling.

During the incident, the circus was about 1500 people. After the fall of the gymnast, the three visitors needed psychological help. Also, there were many children who also watched the fall. 10 minutes after the incident, the tent was completely liberated from the audience. Despite the dangerous stunts and the incident to the audience, as always, really liked the performance. Therefore, the tour will continue in Lucerne until August 6, but without the numbers “sense of flight”.

Malvina abakarova at the moment is in hospital in a satisfactory condition and according to the doctors, will soon be discharged.

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