Преследователь Кейт Бекинсейл был арестован на Комик Кон

45-year-old Terry Lee repp was arrested at the event for fans of comics “Tampa Bay Comic Con” on Saturday morning. This man spent a year chasing British actress Kate beckinsale and even threatened her with a knife.

The police had taken the job to closely monitor the pursuer in connection with the story of Kate, who that day attended an event for fans of comic books “Comic Con” in Tampa. According to Tmz, one of the officers found out Terry Lee, who appeared after the actress was going to rise on the panel of the event, to answer questions of their fans. The Stalker was caught and placed in County jail FL, in Hillsborough, not far from the Comic Con. Her appearance had to be postponed, that would Beckinsale have been able to file a police report.

The perp was stalking the actress for a year, traveling for her country. Last year, the Stalker was arrested and escorted from the premises when he followed the victim in Houston. After some time in salt lake city, he also was able to meet with the victim. This time Terry Lee crept to the actress, touched her back and threatened with the knife. Kate beckinsale reported the incident to the police station, in consequence of which action was taken.

According to police, “the criminal is an irrational obsession with the victim from which he traveled throughout the country for its pursuit.” This time, in Tampa Bay, the offender is not able to get closer to Kate and without incidents. But the actress was soon visited the police station where he wrote a report about the incident. Despite the incident, the actress on the same day back to the event where he met with his fans, answered their questions and signed autographs. Kate looked wonderful and surprisingly quietly, noticing one of her fans in instagram, “My friend is now at Comic Con. Look at Kate beckinsale in her 44…❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥”.