Экс-супруга Казаченко показала, в каких условиях живет с ребенком Olga explained how to cope with my son. One woman is forced to bring up a boy, because Vadim Kazachenko considers the baby his own. In the issue “Let them talk” mom Philippe told about the latest claims of the former husband.
Экс-супруга Казаченко показала, в каких условиях живет с ребенком

The ex-wife of the famous artist Vadim Kazachenko Olga has a son Philip one. The man refused the child, and filed a lawsuit to challenge paternity. Says ex-girlfriend of the singer, the boy is very like his daddy. “Plump, eats well, yet we do not complain,” – said Olga, in a report for the program “Let them talk”.

At the moment the woman takes care of her child. According to the ex-wife Kazachenko, the baby doesn’t need that much. Philip is breastfed, he now weighs almost seven pounds.

“This is our temporary refuge with Philip, we are in repair, and in the future we’ll move to mom’s. Live modestly, but we have everything,” says Olga, showing the apartment, where they live with their son.
Экс-супруга Казаченко показала, в каких условиях живет с ребенком

Earlier, Kazachenko recognized marriage with a woman dummy. The ex-wife of the actor claims that he needs almost 18 million. “But we have a little bit of vessels recaptured, remained six or seven approximately. I thing that Kazachenko has left me now without anything,” said Olga.

In one of the programs Vadim agreed to do DNA paternity test, but still did not dare to go through this procedure. “Vadim Kazachenko’s lying when he says that I’m hiding from this procedure, let it be on his conscience, like everything else. Don’t ask me about the alimony, I think it will pay they seized from us millions,” wrote the former wife of the singer.

Olga doesn’t like to talk about the relationship with the pop star, as she’s getting hurt when you remember the happy moments.

“I would like that the son knew that he has a father,” says the woman in the broadcast transmission.
Экс-супруга Казаченко показала, в каких условиях живет с ребенком

In may of this year Vadim Kazachenko secretly married concert Director Irina Amanti. The artist did not want to advertise this celebration, as many condemned him for what he left Olga and the baby.

“Nobody at the wedding was not, as all our relatives are abroad, in America, in Germany. And we spend 24 hours together as it was before”, – told Vadim about this event.

Olga insists on meeting men with Philip. Help her out with the baby, mother and grandmother. Vadim Kazachenko has explained why not to see the child