Soviet actress Dzhemma Osmolovskaya is dying of cancer in poverty

Советская актриса Джемма Осмоловская умирает от рака в нищете For a long time, the actress is struggling with cancer. The star of the Soviet screen not enough money for expensive drugs. Next year Osmolovsky is 80 years old.
Советская актриса Джемма Осмоловская умирает от рака в нищете

Gemma Osmolovskaya known to audiences for his films “the Street is full of surprises” and “the Story of a first love”. The actress got married to his colleague Leonid Kharitonov, but after 7 years of marriage the couple broke up. The woman raised one son alone. Today, 79-year-old star of the Soviet cinema have forgotten in the theatre, a woman several years trying to cure cancer. She lives together with second spouse, actor of the Russian academic youth theatre Peter Podyapolskiy.

“Jemma Oncology, but we are struggling with the disease. Don’t give up immediately! We attached to the clinic, the doctors come home, do what you can. Age certainly makes itself felt. Next year my wife will be 80-year anniversary. Gemma good, saves good spirits. Sometimes, you begin to cheer up, and then nothing, letting her go. Recently took her to a rest home, and she no longer goes outside, it is difficult to move,” said pod’yapol’skii.

“Playing in the “Tale of first love”, I had grandiose plans about career, but soon some of them had to say goodbye. It all happened quickly: the samples of the light set, I saw these blue eyes and drowned. He didn’t leave me, despite the fact that he was married. Fell in love with him, so much so that after a while we got married. Then was born a son, and, as you know, about a career I had to forget. I spent two years sitting at home with the child. And only then was able to go back to the cinema,” said the actress.
Советская актриса Джемма Осмоловская умирает от рака в нищете

The relationship between Osmolovsky and Kharitonov destroyed craving wife to vodka. As recognized actress, ex-husband could not cope with the temptation of regular get-togethers with friends. “Everyone felt obliged to invite him to drink, sit together. And he just didn’t have the heart to refuse. At first I tried not to pay attention to his behavior, but then realized that more can not be tolerated. We divorced after 7 years of marriage,” the actress told reporters. Then Leonid had an affair with his student, Eugenia Givaway

After leaving the former spouse did not help Gemma raise their son Alexei. According to Osmolovsky, money for the maintenance of the heir to the Leonid Kharitonov gave. The actress helped the theater in which she worked, payments made up a tiny amount of 8 rubles 40 kopecks.

Today the son of Soviet actors 57 years, Alex is a scientist-programmer, candidate of technical Sciences. However, the mother a man does not help.

Советская актриса Джемма Осмоловская умирает от рака в нищете

Second husband cares for the actress that she in no way needed.

“But we are no help is not necessary, even the caseworker don’t ask themselves out. We visit friends,” said the husband of the actress in an interview with “Interlocutor”.

Peter added that his son sometimes comes to her mother. The theatre in which Osmolovsky has served for nearly 40 years, no one knows about the illness of the actress, no help Gemma does not have.