Sophie Turner said he is waiting for the characters of “Game of thrones”

Софи Тернер рассказала, что ждет героев «Игры престолов»

Actress Sophie Turner, star of the popular HBO series “Game of thrones” is told in a new interview about what awaits us in the new, seventh season of the TV show. Probably the creators of the series, which is usually kept behind seven seals what should happen with the characters, decided to treat fans. A few days ago in a network there were new photos from the upcoming season, but “Sansa stark” Sophie Turner was talking more than usual.

Spoiler alert!
According to the actress, the triumph of its heroine, returned to the fold Winterfell, will be short-lived.
“She will take the reins in their hands, but will understand that it is not suitable. Your way to the power she found, but at the same time, Sansa is becoming more insecure because her situation something will threaten.. the Characters come together and it’s the stress from the feeling of completion is very noticeable,” spatial said Turner.
Recall that the new season of “Game of thrones”, based on the motives of series a novel by George R. R. Martin’s “a Song of ice and fire” will air in June 2017 and will be the penultimate season of the series.