Софи Тернер:  «Игра престолов» стала моим секс-образованием

Actress Sophie Turner, star of the popular HBO series “Game of thrones” has admitted that this project became her main sex education. She told about it in interview to newspaper The Times. According to the actress, she was so young and innocent when I first read the script for the project. It is no secret that the cause of the increased public interest in the series were numerous sex scenes, of which the tape is more than enough.

“When I first read the script of “Game of thrones”, I was barely thirteen years old. When I first learned about many things. For example, about oral sex, I learned for the first time from there. I remember thinking: “Wow, people do that? Wow!”. “Game of thrones” is my sex education” admitted Sophie. But to the scene of sexual violence where she starred in the fifth season, Turner’s ambiguous attitude.
“Neither I nor anyone else was injured from the filming of the rape scene, n it caused a huge buzz on TV and the spectators. I then thought that it maybe shouldn’t even be allowed to include in the film. But now I realize that the more we raise the topic of sexual violence, the better,” said Turner.
Recall that the release of the new season of the series is near. The premiere of the penultimate episodes will take place on July 16 on HBO.