Сын Пореченкова перевозит семью к отцу
Vladimir is going to buy an apartment in Moscow.

Сын Пореченкова перевозит семью к отцу

Mikhail Porechenkov

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Mikhail Porechenkov every free shooting day uses to work out together with the eldest son Vladimir and the average 15-year-old Misha. “Misha’s not so long ago was fond of wrestling, and now my dad and support him and deal with him, — said Vladimir. Mike wants me to overcome, but it’s hard. I have for many years, since high school, Boxing and judo”. Itself 28-year-old son Porechenkov is much more common with the father still not in training and on the set. Both starring in the crime-Comedy series “Polar 17”. “This is my third collaboration with my dad in the movie — said Vladimir. — My hero I don’t like. I am calm and peaceful person, and he’s a bully, who continually gets into an extreme situation.”

With her son Vladimir

Photo: Yury Feklistov

Vladimir now in its fifth year living and working in Moscow, he has to constantly fly to Tallinn, where his wife Julia and baby daughter Miroslava. His biggest dream — to move his family here and live in the same city with my father. “Of course, this does not mean that we move into an apartment his father had without our family is large. I’m going soon to buy us a separate housing, — said Vladimir. — Julia ten years together, our daughter in may it will be three years. She is very musical girl, loves to dance and sing. Dad just loves it! Constantly communicates with her by email, and when she comes to visit, not let her out of his hands and before bedtime reading stories”.