Сына Никаса Сафронова привлекут к уголовной ответственности Luka Zatravkin the evening of 11 March was hit by an elderly woman. The son of Nikas Safronov feels guilty in the accident. Based on results of examination, blood alcohol, the young pianist was found.

      Сына Никаса Сафронова привлекут к уголовной ответственности

      On the evening of 11 March, the son of the famous artist Nikas Safronov Luke got in an accident. Passing on the green light, he brought down the elderly woman who crossed the road despite the red light. According to the young pianist, he was driving at the correct speed, but because of the late time of day, he noticed a pedestrian at the last moment when change was impossible. Now the son of the famous painter criminal investigation.

      The son of Nikas Safronov about the accident: “I feel guilt and is ready to bear responsibility”

      Recall that immediately after the incident, Luke tried to give first aid to the 78-year-old woman from traumatized died on the spot. After the incident, the son of Nikas Safronov is a long time to recover. The results of a medical examination has shown that alcohol in the blood of the young man was not.

      It is worth noting that Luke admitted his guilt. He stated that he was ready to incur any punishment – moral and legal. The accident brought the young pianist to despair. “Wrong mountain and I, and people. If you killed someone, you know the sorrow? You’ll be able! I wanted many times to end this life,” he said. Besides, he admitted that a very religious person, so I am convinced that to answer for his act before the High court.

      I must say that on that fateful evening he was returning from his mom that struggles with an incurable disease. In order to protect the closest person from the feelings Luke did not become her to tell what happened . But the father aware of what happened. Despite the accident, Nikas Safronov is convinced that his son is an excellent driver. “And so much grief and many problems. That was not inside in the families of such individual cases, for every driver who gets behind the wheel, needs to understand that apart from the fact that – “my angel, come with me, you’re ahead, and I’ll follow you” I say a prayer – you also need to be very careful. I know that my son is an excellent driver and never drinking and driving, of course. And do not drink,” commented the artist.

      According to LifeNews, now Luke will be arraigned on the article “Violation of traffic rules which negligently caused human death”. He and his lawyers are aware of the criminal case.

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