Vera Brezhnev concerned about the health of the eldest daughter

Вера Брежнева обеспокоена здоровьем старшей дочери

Except that Vera Brezhnev successful actress, she is also a caring mother. Despite his busy schedule, the wife of Konstantin Meladze tries to spend time with their daughters Sonia and Sarah. Brezhnev, ease the nature of which is to be envied, not only having fun with the girls, but, of course, drew attention to their health.

Now the star mom is concerned about the state of the eldest daughter Sofia.

As admitted to journalists Belief, Sony has a predisposition to the formation of moles, which are on the body of the girl already very much. In the future, this has not led to disastrous consequences, mom and daughter regularly visit a doctor who ensures that birthmarks has not progressed and has changed its form.

“Sonia just covered in moles. We constantly go to the doctor in time, if anything, to diagnose tumors. We keep our finger on the pulse. Of course, now in the context of radiation it is more difficult to do. But we hope that we will be healthy,“ shared ex-VIA Gra.


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