Сын Ксении Собчак диктует ей собственные правила TV presenter enjoys the joys of motherhood. However, the birth of a child added Xenia many different troubles. The celebrity and her husband are forced to adjust work schedule to meet the demands of Plato.

      TV presenter and chief editor of the popular glossy magazine Ksenia Sobchak endured all the hardships of motherhood. Star kind to the beloved heir and not mind it denotes. After the birth of Xenia had to make adjustments in your busy schedule. Being an active young woman, Sobchak did not stay too long on maternity leave and to postpone the return to employment duties in the long term. In addition, she continues to attend social events, but not as often as before.

      The son of Xenia prevented implementation of the plans, in a literal sense is not releasing the mother for work. In the picture, which the star published in his microblog, she appeared dressed in pajamas and without makeup.

      “Lie in the collagen mask and enjoy the beauty of motherhood. Sometimes built working day and time all down the drain because someone close did not want to eat or poop. Well, at least I will look good”, – said Sobchak in social networks.

      Subscribers celebrities appreciated her humor is appreciated and thanked Xenia for what cheer. “What a sweetheart”, “Pajamas” dream, “With the baby, making plans is impossible”, “Maybe the baby is lying and thinks: “What would occupy mom”, “whether still will be…”, “I’m so happy for you”, “I Understand. Relax and enjoy these moments, Yes, children – this is happiness. Myself don’t belong”, “painfully familiar. Patience to you,” wrote in the comments of the post Xenia.

      Note that the young Plato became the reason of his famous parents spent the holidays in the capital. Sobchak and Vitorgan could not leave the baby alone, so I prefer family trips to foreign resorts. While friends of the celebrities sunbathing at the sea or skiing in Courchevel, Ksenia and Maxim nursed my son. “All spread fotochki from the Islands under the palm trees, and me to look at it all as its postremoval look in Moscow,” – wrote a TV presenter in his microblog.

      However, stars are not bored when we were at home. They enjoy visiting museums, watching movies and series, and also appreciated one of the most notorious Prime Minister last time – a mystical show “the Returned”, a choreographer who was Miguel. “Delight, be sure to go,” later shared Sobchak in social networks.