Херд о разводе с Деппом: «Я хочу свою жизнь обратно!» The actress has released an official statement in which clarified his attitude to the lengthy court showdown with former lover. According to Hurd, it’s not addictive lawsuits with Depp, but rather strives as quickly as possible to be free.

      Amber heard and johnny Depp are still unable to resolve their differences. Despite the fact that the artists have agreed on the payment of compensation, litigation between them began with new force. In December last year, the star of “Pirates of the Caribbean” demanded the ex-wife the payment of legal costs in the amount of one hundred thousand dollars. Later, the representatives Depp said that his ex-wife deliberately delaying resolution of the issues related to divorce, seeking fame and media attention.

      Amber heard brings out johnny Depp

      For a long time heard refrain from detailed comments about what is happening, but recently a celebrity broke the silence and issued an official appeal. In a statement at the disposal of Western publications, amber openly admits that she is tired of constant disputes with former lover.

      “Johnny and his lawyers as if on purpose to punish me and looking for reasons not to pay me seven million dollars… I learned that johnny outrageous trying to charge me legal costs, because I went to court for the enforcement of a settlement agreement made four months ago. I said he claims that I try to delay the resolution of contradictions between us, not Vice versa. These statements shocked me, worthy of contempt. Johnny himself has set aside the decision of our question. I want my life back and divorce right now,” the message reads amber heard, arrived in popular Western publication.

      Recall that the actress filed for divorce in may last year. Amber claimed to have experienced domestic violence. In turn, representatives of johnny Depp denied the allegations of his wife. Proceedings between the celebrities lasted several months. Johnny and amber were able to compromise only in August 2016.

      “Our relationship was incredibly passionate and occasionally volatile but always based on love” – said in an official statement, the ex-spouses.

      All the time when heard and Depp settled directly between the contradictions, their divorce was the center of attention of journalists. Western tabloids regularly appeared new data about how the artists allegedly fighting over money. However, in the writing of the stars claimed that they never accused each other of seeking to cash in on the breakup.