Son of Janna Friske became interested in photography

Сын Жанны Фриске увлекся фотоискусством Three-year-old Plato grows with versatile child. Dmitry Shepelev told about the new one hobby and published photos, made his heir. The presenter was proud of the kid and is trying to encourage his interests.

      Сын Жанны Фриске увлекся фотоискусством

      Channel one presenter Dmitry Shepelev was trying to spend more time with his three year old son Plato. It encourages diverse interests of the child and is proud of his progress. Recently the kid has mastered the camera “Polaroid”, which allows you to instantly print the resulting footage. Dmitry decided to share with his fans the achievements of a young photographer. The main object in the images of Plato was, of course, the TV host – boy shot him in everyday life.

      The “first “Polaroid” son,” wrote Shepelev.

      Now in the microblog Dmitry quite often began to be published, telling about the events in the life of his only son. After the death of the mother of Plato, of the singer Zhanna Friske and TV presenter decided to remain silent. The man needed more than two years to decide on the first a Frank television interview in the Studio “Let them talk”. Andrei Malakhov he told about the secret. Shepelev remembered all the details of the struggle of its civilian spouses with the disease. He admitted that the work of the son and distracted him from the heavy thoughts.

      “Well, when near you, kid, you’re by and large with him one-on-one, you have no excuse to pour yourself that extra glass of wine, you have no right to cry, you have no right to depression, you can’t go anywhere. Allow yourself to relax, to give up. To travel… Because you have a child. Because you’re the father. And you can’t do anything that dropped in the eyes of this child your authority. So, of course, saved me Plato,” said the man.

      Dmitry admitted that the boy’s sense of humor. Between father and son formed a very trusting relationship. Dmitry Shepelev boasted generosity of Plato

      Shepelev is trying to make from an early age, Plato had obtained as much knowledge as possible – the baby has already learned all the letters of the alphabet and well said. TV presenter decided that his heir should learn a foreign language. For fifteen years, Plato learning English. In addition, the child is involved in sports goes to the gym. On weekends, father and son together go to the pool.