Сын Жанны Фриске увлекся воздушной акробатикой Three-year-old boy made remarkable progress in the sport. Together with his father Dmitry Shepelev, the child has tried himself as a gymnast. Many noted the agility and fearlessness of Plato.

      Сын Жанны Фриске увлекся воздушной акробатикой

      Will soon be a year since the famous singer Zhanna Friske passed away after a long battle with cancer of the brain. At the time of death of the actress her only child, to Plato, was two years old. Now the boy’s father, common-law spouse of the former soloist of group “Brilliant”, TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev, is raising a child alone.

      Not so long ago, dad son Zhanna Friske confessed that it restricts the baby in watching TV and using gadgets. Instead, they try as often as possible to walk in the parks, in the city center, and visit a variety of concerts and events for children. At this time, the seven dwarfs decided to make his heir rather extreme relaxation is to try circus acrobatics.

      All elements were carried out under the guidance of professionals, and Shepelev himself on a step did not depart from the child. Plato quickly mastered the basics of this difficult case and was not afraid to try different items. Apparently, Dmitry son and I had a great time and enjoy extreme rest.

      Video published Trapeze Russia (@trapeze_russia) Jun 7 2016 3:57 PDT

      Dmitry Shepelev tries to do everything to Plato ROS diversified child. It includes classical music, as well as the heir reads bedtime stories. The presenter constantly tells his son about Joan Friske. In the house they are photos of the boy’s mother, and he Shepelev even consulted with psychologists about how best to give the child information about the deceased artist.

      “The bottom line I can tell the main thing – I talk to Plato about the mom every day about her habits, about her favorite places, about our life before his appearance, in short, about everything. Together we chose the photos of Joan, who now stand in our apartment. I want my son to know that he has a mom, she is near and will never leave. And for birthdays and other holidays I always say: “my mother and I congratulate you…”, – confessed Dmitry.

      Also have a three-year Plato has grandparents from Friske Vladimir Borisovich and Olga Vladimirovna. But still they can’t agree with Shepelev about how to see the child. Today, a trial was held to resolve this complex issue, however, after three hours of the meeting, the hearing was adjourned for a month to review the documents. The family’s lawyer Friske: “We will fight in the same way as Dmitry Shepelev”

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