Vorobyov in Sochi was forced to leave the hotel room

Воробьева в Сочи вынудили покинуть номер отеля

The singer and the hero of the show “the Bachelor” at the ceremony of “Kinotavr”, which is being held in Sochi, was the center of attention of the staff of the hotel where he was staying…

Alexei Vorobyov stopped in one of the most prestigious hotels of Sochi. But there it was waited by a lot of trouble. Because of the repair, which is the direction of the hotel reason made in the midst of “Kinotavr”, the singer is forced to spend time not in the room with all the amenities, and the lobby…

The artist confuses the sound of a drill, which is very audible in his room, and poor Internet connection. He has tried to solve these problems at the reception Desk and even gave my laptop him to establish a normal Wi-Fi. But all attempts were in vain. In room Internet doesn’t connect, and the sound does not focus. In the end, the idol of millions of girls in the literal sense of the words settled in the hotel lobby, where the clock sits on the couch and does not get out of gadgets.

And, by the way, sparrows don’t hang in social networks, as many may think, but it works! As noted by the correspondent for Woman’s Day, all the time he is connected with Los Angeles and sends American counterparts files. Apparently, preparing a new project…

Previously, we recall, all discussed the behavior of Alexei Vorobyov in the program “the Bachelor.” In the final he for the first time in the history of the show has not chosen any girl!

Then Vorobyev explained his desire for solitude: “I’m not the least those who for thirteen weeks was spying on my personal life, dreamed about a fairy tale with a happy ending… But I can’t deceive neither himself nor others. I never was the one who gives the word, the promise, and then after a few months decided that it was too soon. And if someone wanted to see something like that, then I am genuinely sorry that on this period of my life tale with a happy ending did not happen.”

And then added: “I was confirmed in the opinion that love can’t create, build or artificially grow in a relationship. We all have different way someone chooses the right a person, someone doesn’t know what he wants, and is willing to irresponsible experimentation is another type of people to which I belong. They are people who know exactly what they want, know what it looks like, and willing to take responsibility for every word and the promise”. Read more HERE.

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