Сына Анны Седоковой положили в реанимацию
Yesterday, April 8, son of popular singer Anna Sedokova turned one year old.

Сына Анны Седоковой положили в реанимацию

In honor of this important day, the singer left a long post in which I addressed to your child. She said that immediately after the birth of Hector was placed in intensive care due to heart palpitations.

Сына Анны Седоковой положили в реанимацию

“So amazing, but today you YEAR!!! Happy Birthday, My HECTOR! Of course, you are unlikely to read this, but, you know, when are happy, really want to shout to the whole world! In this photo you for about 10 days. When you came into my life, Dr. carried you and said that you need to remain in intensive care. Too fast beating heart. We all were so worried. The girls slept together, take turns on the chair, just not to miss the moment when you open eyes and see my family and 5 days later we took you home and our life has changed!

You’re my little man, you know everything. You never cry, and have learned not to cry when you fall or hit. You already took your first independent steps! We love you very much! Very very! Very-very-very!” – Sedokova wrote in his microblog.

We will remind, that Anna is a large mother, and raising three children, the artist does one.

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