Son-in-law Hillary Clinton Marc Mezvinsky is on the verge of bankruptcy

Зять Хиллари Клинтон Марк Мезвински оказался на грани банкротства

Hillary Clinton on the wedding of the daughter of Chelsea and Marc Mezvinsky

Looks like son-in-law Hillary Clinton, who is running for President of the United States, big problems: Foundation Marc Mezvinsky, the husband of the eldest daughter of Clinton is about to go bankrupt, and he will remain without work.

The fact that a few years ago Mezvinsky and his partners made a losing bet on Greece. In 2010, the entrepreneur Fund Eaglevale Hellenic Opportunity to buy back shares of Greek banks, which were large public debt. Investors had hoped that the economy will gradually recover, and then money will flow a river. Failed, because the situation with the banks in Greece is getting worse and worse!

Before establishing her own company Eaglevale Partners spouse Chelsea Clinton spent eight years at Goldman Sachs. According to the Times, Mezvinsky now manages investments in the amount of about $ 330 million. As the joke of the journalists is a very comfortable job for someone with family ties to the former President and former Secretary of state (and potential President of the United States).
However, while his mother-in-law gets closer to the White house, the Fund is experiencing Mezvinsky, according to analysts, the worst year since the creation.

If the situation does not change, the Brand would probably need to leave wall street and stay home to raise two year-old daughter Charlotte. By the way, now in the family expected the addition, so the costs after the birth of the second child will go up dramatically — given the luxury apartments of the pair and the habit to live in Grand style. However, hardly influential relatives will allow the couple to splurge Mezvinsky.

Зять Хиллари Клинтон Марк Мезвински оказался на грани банкротства
Chelsea Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Marc Mezvinsky

Зять Хиллари Клинтон Марк Мезвински оказался на грани банкротства
Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky

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