Сын Галкина отважился на кулинарные подвиги ради Кристины Орбакайте The famous actor often shares funny videos with their children. This time Harry made an omelet for her older sister, Christina Aguilera. The singer made the young heir of the stellar names in his gastronomic experiments.

Maxim Galkin actively engaged in your “Instagram” and often share happy moments of family life. Recently in Jurmala, where they spend the summer Alla Pugacheva and her husband, arrived Christina Orbakajte. The singer looked to relatives for a few days, so Harry and Lisa decided to make my sister a warm welcome.

In his “Instagrame” Galkin showed a movie in which his son is learning to cook an omelet for Christine. The boy is not only being creative in the kitchen, but still manages to show their creativity. Harry utters inarticulate sounds, to dance and make funny faces. “Is he talking in a foreign language”, – commented on the events presenter.

Apparently, a talent for humor, was transmitted to the boy from his father. The video instantly sparked excitement among fans of Maxim. “Joking, so clever! You’ll go far”, “Harry is so much like You, it seems to me that would be really cool”, “awesome kid. A very charming children,” – commented on the post Galkina his subscribers.

According to Instagram, Aguilera, she’s already gone from Jurmala: recently, the singer shared a touching video with his daughter from Miami. In addition to family members, a frequent guest of the mansion Galkin and Pugacheva in Latvia becomes Laima Vaikule. Comedian regularly shares funny videos with his wife and her friend.

However, the main star’s Instagram Galkina remain his children. The comedian has repeatedly said that he is growing very talented heirs. So, on the birthday he received from his daughter a soft toy in the form of an owl, which the girl did with his hands. Harry also greeted father with a touching poem I read with expression.

Recently, Galkin showed the talent of their children. Fans of the star family are sure that Lisa and Harry will grow up to be very capable, ambitious people. However, while the younger members of the famous clan have fun and doesn’t seem to think about a career.

Praise invariably deserve and paternal talents of Maxim. Comedian spends all his free time with children, to separate from the house only for work-related issues. Fans believe that Galkin is extremely possible to combine career and care for family.