Dmitry Nazarov has paid for the victory in the TV show packaging of tea

Дмитрию Назарову заплатили за победу в телешоу упаковками чая Today, July 4, the actor notes the anniversary. He is 60 years old. Colleague star Roman Radov remembered Nazarov began to conquer the world of television, and spoke about the filming of the first transmission.
Дмитрию Назарову заплатили за победу в телешоу упаковками чая

Early 90s is considered the dawn of the Russian television: launch entertainment, endless auditions in search of new names… the luck of going to hundreds of visitors. People lined up in kilometer queue to get into the coveted audition and at least a second to “light up” on the screen… the star of the series “Kitchen” Dmitry Nazarov know the feeling of competition for participation in the show. Today, July 4, he is 60 years old, and he still remembers the first time appeared on the set. Actor Roman Radov told about the debut other in “the box”:

Дмитрию Назарову заплатили за победу в телешоу упаковками чая

“With Dima we met in 1995. He came to work at the Russian army Theatre, where I had served. From the first day he gained respect among colleagues. Always laughed loudly, sharply joked. In 1996 among Moscow theatres took part in the competitions. Television has launched a new program, “Who in that much.” The rules of the show is simple – show through facial expressions and gestures of the target word. This game is now also called “Crocodile”. In the invitation said: “it takes three ambitious actors. Shooting tomorrow. Attendance is mandatory. Possible monetary reward.” When we read this letter, Dima immediately perked up, offered to assemble a team. We, of course, supported. Times were lean, everyone wanted to make money in any way. It is true that some guys are scared of cameras – after all across the country will show. Girls joked: “Oh, we’re not photogenic!” Companions Nazarov steel Mickova Ksenia and Andrey Egorov… the shooting of the program took place in the Theater. The Moscow city Council. On the appointed day, the building seemed just bursting with people. Each team came with a support group. Our fans are no exception – faster all took first place! “Well, let’s at least practice a little?” – asked Dima to Ksusha and Andrei. “Oh, come on! Now in the first round will lose yeah go back!” – laughed Andrei.

Дмитрию Назарову заплатили за победу в телешоу упаковками чая

Half an hour before filming the guys began to practice near the stage. I watched him from the auditorium. I only saw that Dima then on all fours stand up, the whole room howl. “Dear participants, please come up on stage!” – announced unexpectedly presenter Valery Yaremenko. The first task our team had to show a picture “Rooks have arrived” in a minute. Nazarov volunteered to start the competition. “Time has gone”, cried Yaremenko and pulled the timer. At these words, Dimka even changed color. Pupils dilated, cheeks appeared flushed.

Nazarov began waving his arms. “It’s a bird?” – began yelling at the same time Ksenia and Andrey. Dima raised his thumb up: “class”, say, answer true. “You show painting by artist Vasily Vatagin “mute Swan”?” Dima shook his head. Realizing that She and Andrew do not recognize the piece, he ran across the stage back and forth.
Дмитрию Назарову заплатили за победу в телешоу упаковками чая

“Where are you going?” cried Mickova. At these words, he stamped his feet and pointed into the distance of the auditorium. “What’s up?” – said Egorov. Wait, wait… I have on the tip of my tongue! There are several birds still in the picture!” – nervous Xenia. Dima clapped her hands – felt like she realized it. “Rooks flew away. No, she’s right? Rooks-Le-teli!” – shouted Xenia. “And that’s the answer!” – yelled the leader. The boys screamed with joy. The result of the test is 28 seconds! The team also guessed the picture over 35. We moved on to the second round. He was already harder. Now the participants had to guess the proverb. Sent Xenia.

Nazarov looked at him with a stern look. These words to him did not like: “We came to win.” Dima was very resolute.
She got the saying “easily not pull the fish from the pond”. Ksenia showed the stage – a man brandishing a rod. Less than ten seconds – Nazarov shouts cherished phrase. This even we didn’t expect! In the third round of tests has changed dramatically. For a moment it was necessary to guess as many words as possible. The test went Andrew. “Time!” – loudly said Yaremenko. In this moment on stage was going real noise. Andrei, who was skeptical about the game, huh all my best, didn’t want to bring friends at the finish line. He showed all his acting skills. In the end, Dima and Ksenia guessed 26 words!

The producers did not expect such a result. “And the winner of the show is the team of Theatre of the Russian army!” – solemnly announced to us. Guests gave a standing ovation. Our victors were anxious to receive the promised prizes. Thoughts have already spent money right and left. Imagine the disappointment of the guys, when from the backstage to the stage solemnly made sets… tea! A bigger bummer is difficult to imagine. You should have seen their faces”.