Son Domogarova not visit sick father

Сын Домогарова не навещает больного отца The artist said that his son Alexander is not interested in his health. The actor wrote about the illness to colleagues and fans in the Network. Domogarova-older cough.
Сын Домогарова не навещает больного отца

Russian actor Alexander Domogarov seriously ill. About the artist informed fans in one of social networks. The actor said that his son Alex did not even call him.


Fan of Alexander elder wished him a speedy recovery. “Well hurry up, Sasha! Things will get better!”, “Get well”, “get well, and your doctor! Drink warm milk with honey!” – wrote fans Domogarova. Also the words of support left colleagues of the actor Emmanuel Vitorgan, Irina Rozanova.

“Ill. I can not understand. Wild cough, chest hurts, very, very unfortunate, very. And to me, my son, and did not write and did not call. Very sorry, apparently I need” – said Domogarov senior.
Сын Домогарова не навещает больного отца

The star father and son difficult relationship. Domogarov Jr. admitted to reporters: “We communicate, – said Alexander. But if the bag is completely empty, save friends. They are always helping me out. Now on the horizon, a single order is. Hopefully, it will allocate a decent budget, and then the fee will help me for a month or two. You can see it will get finally earned the money and won’t think about where to scrape together the petrol.”

Alexander Jr. also told us that when he gets the funds, he will put them in the salvation of a country house in the village, which the father at the time came over to him. Journalists have repeatedly reported that housing is in a deplorable state, and the debt on contributions for it is increasing. In this family nest Alexander Domogarov Jr. spent his childhood, so the idea to abandon the estate he did not even consider. The Director hopes to bring order to the ramshackle house and preserve it for future generations.

Now Alexander Jr. is in the movie. “Recently, our film “Suffer the little Children” won a prize at the Belarusian film festival “Kinosmena”, where the audience participated in the voting! For us it is very important,” said Domogarov Jr. He added that he was extremely happy and thanked the jury. “Thank you very much, that took all of us to you in the contest, and allowed to participate with films from around the world!” – has shared with fans of Alexander Junior.