Сплошной секс: вышел трейлер «Спасателей Малибу»

In the new version of the rescuers ‘ 90s turned into sexual superheroes.

In the USA, “Baywatch” aired from 1989 to 1999, as many as 11 seasons the series was held on the screens and collected more than 1.1 billion viewers.

In each episode viewers were shown as valiant rescuers cope with accidents on the water. Sexy Babes in red bathing suits and men with a strong torso in such a speedo drove the audience crazy. In those years the Savior C. J. Parker, played by Pamela Anderson and Mitch Buchannon (actor David Hasselhoff) was snapped just loved it, it went crazy.

The series has repeatedly tried to revive it, but nothing good happened. But it seems that the last attempt will still succeed. In may of this year the car will be released feature film “Baywatch” with Dwayne Johnson in the title role.

The plot is simple: lifeguard Mitch (Johnson) doesn’t get along with the newcomer (actor Zac Efron), but together they have to solve a criminal conspiracy.

However, what about the tape is it’s not really important here, in the foreground, not the plot, and the picture.

If the rescue team of the 90s were the real sex symbols of their time, the characters just turned into supermen with perfect bodies.

That only is the first trailer for the picture, he’s already gathered more than 800 thousand views in less than a day and this is not surprising. In the video we see a brave Dwayne Johnson (by the way, the sexiest man in 2016!) in bathing suit dives into the water that burns… Then it is time to break out and call the fire Department.

Then Zac Efron taking his shirt off slowly on a water bike, showing perfect abs… and the girls in the film too much though, and by the way, rumor has it that the film still lights up Pamela Anderson. Then certainly the picture will be fire!