Victoria Daineko defended her daughter on the train from an aggressive stranger

Виктория Дайнеко защитила свою дочку в поезде от агрессивного незнакомца
The singer collided with a representative of “child haters”.

Victoria Dayneko

Photo: @victoriadaineko (Instagram Victoria Dayneko)

Since Cheryl Cole became a first time mom it’s been more than a year, but the singer still can’t accept the pervasive trend of “demoninations”. Recently the actress faced with an aggressive stranger who was dissatisfied with the behavior of her daughter and rudely reported it to Victoria.

“Today, uncle in tight jeans and fur jacket extremely resented the conduits that we don’t allow him to sleep in the afternoon. The head of the train, he explained of course that in the first class may be and children in particular, and even he was given free ear plugs and eye mask, a one year old child (who didn’t even cry, and just played and laughed) gag in her mouth is not getting up…” said Daineko.

According to the singer, she is not the first time faced with the aggression against the young children. “In the theater with children, airplanes are frowned upon and indignant, outraged in trains, in restaurants resent. And children under 16 years need to grow as a houseplant? Without leaving home, so God forbid someone does not prevent their laughter or games, or just good mood?! I wonder if those who are outraged, too, before the age of reason did not go outside my room?” — asked the singer.

Fans Daineko supported her, and suggested we just do not pay attention to the boring, unhappy with the behavior of children. However, even among fans of the actress there were those who believed that children should be brought up in rigor, and from an early age to know that in public places should be quiet.