София Вергара стала самой высокооплачиваемой телеактрисой

According to Forbes, actress Sofia Vergara was recognized as the highest paid electrical in the world. So, last year 44-year-old beauty managed to earn $ 43 million, which was 66% more than she earned last year. The popularity, and hence the earnings of Sofia, has increased significantly after she received Emmy award and signed a contract with the brand “Head and Shoulders”. For the fifth year in a row, Vergara is not losing ground and is in the top of the list of the highest paid TV stars.

After Sofia in the list is kaley cuoco, earned for the year 28, $ 5 million, and by a large margin in last place with only ten million dollars was a close friend and colleague Sofia Julie Bowen. Besides them, the list includes mindy Kaling, mariska Hargitay, Ellen Pompeo, Kerry Washington, Mill Katik, Prianka Chopra, Julianna Margulies.