Kim Kardashian made 6 thousand selfies in 4 days

Ким Кардашьян сделала 6 тысяч селфи за 4 дня

At least this figure called herself a celebrity.

Although what else to expect from the star, is that the only book which and is called – “Selfie”? Unusual recognition Kim has done by publishing a post in the mobile app of his sister Kendall Jenner, which argues that during a recent 4-day vacation in Mexico made 6 thousand selfies.

Recently star spent a vacation at the Mexican resort of Punta Mita with your friends and children, 3-year-old daughter North and 9-month-old son Saint. And it turns out that Kim did in an average of 1,500 selfies a day. Of course, hard to believe such a figure is hard, because she would have to do about 100 photos per hour, i.e. more often than every minute (we presume on the basis that Kim is on vacation at least 8 hours of sleep). But, perhaps, not slept, as Kim complains in the post that almost wasn’t in the sun: “I had no time to sunbathe – I either photographed, or the sky was overcast”. But the time to change clothes and swimwear she was their star in four days have changed as much as nine units.

While Kim is aware that her passion “sabachtani”, not to say mania, is seen by many as rather strange. “Many people see my passion for selfies as ridiculous, but I love to take photos and post them in social networks, said Kim in an interview. For me it’s like a diary that I love then to rethink and re-experience positive emotions”.