Собчак работает без перерывов даже на 7-м месяце беременности

Telediva all day rehearsing the opening of the “New wave” in Sochi, and in the evening, led the meeting and posed for photographers.

A few hours ago, the network blasted the news: leading the “New wave” will become pregnant Ksenia Sobchak! In the morning, the journalists managed to catch a celebrity at the rehearsal in a black tracksuit, which could not hide its interesting position (see photo HERE), and now Sobchak appeared backstage in an evening gown. And all this – flights, exhausting runs – on the deep pregnancy.

It just seems that Sobchak is the dream job. In fact, the conduct of major events takes a lot of energy. And when you have a huge belly, to stand many hours on stage – special feat. But Ksenia and did not let on that tired posed for photographers, smiled, joked. Just to say no one wanted: all kind warned that questions about pregnancy will not be happy.

Sobchak looked fine: we have long noted that pregnancy her. Surprisingly, the Xenia seem to have gained weight only in the abdominal area. Neither the face nor the figure of the presenter and journalist has not changed. Perhaps because the presenter does not relax – exercise regularly. And, again, a lot of work.

At the opening of the “New wave” Ksenia wore a dress of pale lilac shade with flying on the wind like feathers from the first collection of his girlfriend, jewelry designer Yana Raskovalova. Periodically it is very touching, caressing the belly, but after a second I pull my hand away as if he was afraid to publicly detect the sensitivity. But this is such a natural gesture added to the image of Xenia femininity and some insecurity.

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News “New wave” in Sochi, in addition to Ksenia Sobchak flew Sergey Lazarev, Lera Kudryavtseva, Timur Rodrigez and Lime.

“In fact, the leading six,” joked the Olympic games in social networks, IEMA in mind, apparently baby Sobchak.

By the way, even after the “New wave” Xenia is not going quietly wait for home delivery. As her colleagues say, the graph editor L’officiel scheduled until Nov.