Племянник Аллы Пугачевой: «Без нее я бы не выжил!» Recently the son of the brother of the prima Donna returned from Israel where he was undergoing treatment for drug addiction and again learned to walk. Prior to that, he was paralyzed for four years. Alla Pugacheva has not remained aloof from his problems and paid for expensive doctors. Now Vlad is thinking to start a new life in the apartment donated by a famous singer.

      Племянник Аллы Пугачевой: «Без нее я бы не выжил!»

      In early summer the nephew of Alla Pugacheva Vlad returned to Moscow after lengthy treatment in Israel. Diva gave a family member an apartment in Moscow, where he planned to live with his son Eugene and his beloved Catherine, and her heir from a previous marriage. So far Vlad has not found the strength to meet with Alla Borisovna.

      “I don’t know how to talk about my aunt. She and the father are everything to me. These are the people without whom I would not have survived. I can tell my aunt “thank you” not in words, but in actions in later life. And it will be for her gratitude,” said Vlad Pugachev in the program of NTV “the New Russian sensations”.

      Alla Pugacheva returns the great-nephew of father

      Племянник Аллы Пугачевой: «Без нее я бы не выжил!»

      It seems that ex-wife Victoria Vlad Fadeev — quite a stranger to his people. A week before departure for a former lover in Israel she fell ill in hospital, so great-nephew Pugacheva lived her guard Igor. In the past Victoria and she was addicted to drugs.

      “Apparently, separation was given to me to understand everything. And I realized, it’s a very hard lesson for me… to relax, Vlad offered me a prohibited substance. I have not calculated a dose and went into a coma. The doctors said I would die. They said that if I survive, then become a vegetable. Mother to the last shouted: “She will survive, fight”. Visited my older son, asked me not to disconnect. But when contacted the man, he said, “Yes, disconnect” — justified by Victoria for their long absence in the life of his son and ex-husband.
      Племянник Аллы Пугачевой: «Без нее я бы не выжил!»

      No matter what, Victoria miraculously survived. Then she asked Vlad why he did it. The nephew told her I didn’t want the family had two disabled. After that Victoria once again was in the hospital — a woman with tuberculosis. Then she signed the documents about temporary custody of the heir of Alla Borisovna.

      Now Victoria would like to renew relationships with family. But, according to Victoria, fiancee of her ex-wife Catherine and sent her a message in which he asked not to bother them with Vlad. Nephew Pugacheva wants his son Jack lived with him. However, the mother of the child against.

      “We’ll see each other, but Jack would not live in that family. I would sincerely like to see the other woman pretended to be a loving mother. He is living a real mother who loves him more than life itself. Without him it will lose its meaning. I’m not Dating Jack because it will be a trauma for him. It is not yet time,” said Victoria.

      At the same time, Vlad claims that there are some difficulties, with which Victoria can’t handle. He also admits that he doesn’t want to talk bad about my ex-wife. So the nephew Pugacheva wants to educate the heir in his new family.

      Vlad Pugachev was the son of the brother of the prima Donna by Eugene Borisovich. It so happened that the young man’s plight. He was addicted to drugs and alcohol, resulting in his paralyzed legs. Despite the relationship with one of the most famous Russian singers, Vlad has long refused to turn to her for help.

      Nephew Pugacheva is preparing to return home after treatment

      However, in the end the young man got in touch with her famous aunt. Alla Borisovna has not remained aloof from his woes and sent Vlad to be treated abroad — at the clinic in Israel. There is a young man completely tied up with bad habits and he even managed to get out after he was paralyzed four years. Only Vlad was in the Holy Land for a year, and its restoration, as previously reported, “StarHit”, engaged a staff of experts.