Собчак и Виторган остались недовольны новогодними праздниками The couple admitted that they would like to spend January holidays otherwise. Parental duty requires a couple to spend more time with the child. Parental duty requires a couple to spend more time with the child. However, celebrities do not hide that can not stand seeing pictures of friends from tropical countries..

      Almost two months ago, Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan became parents. From that moment on, the lives of stars has changed dramatically. They have to plan your day so as not to leave a baby for a long time. The presenter repeatedly wrote that tired from such a graph, but the choice is not necessary. Anyway, she and her husband still manage to go out. But the couple admits that she wanted to go somewhere on vacation. However, parental responsibilities do not allow them to plan trips abroad.

      Maxim Vitorgan reads the little heir to Pushkin’s poems

      By the way, Vitorgan managed to complain to the followers of the bad weather and the positions of his acquaintances in the social network. He made it clear that can not bear to look at the pictures of friends. It is obvious that the man would be happy to be in a hot country by the sea, but not in cold Moscow.

      “I’m afraid his nose in the street show. Sitting respond to comments in Instagram. And view photos with friends holiday: seas, oceans, mountains, skiing. Lord, weekend run!” – wrote in the microblog artist.

      Apparently, Sobchak is of the same opinion, but trying to diversify vacation with something else. “All spread fotochki from the Islands under the palm trees, and me to look at it all as its postremoval look in Moscow”, – wrote in the microblog TV presenter. By the way, Maxim and Xenia are trying to diversify their leisure. Just a few days ago they visited the Tretyakov gallery. Their experiences the couple shared with subscribers. “The exhibition galleries of the Vatican not bad and Christmas is particularly relevant, but I liked the exhibition of the Museum Fund of Vladivostok-Konchalovsky, Falk and even a little Chagall,” said the media personality in his account.

      Couple actively communicates with followers, discuss with them important issues. Obviously, during vacation time, celebrities have the time to follow the posts of friends and comments. On the eve a young mother has told about the impressions from the latest literary masterpiece by Victor Pelevin. In the microblog star turned real dispute about the thoughts of the writer. Vitorgan continued the discussion on his page. In the social network sparked real discussion.

      Wife periodically go to the theatre, to attend interesting exhibitions. And more recently Sobchak has published a photo with the mystical show “the Returned”, which the TV presenter was accompanied by her mother Lyudmila Narusova. We will remind that the woman is trying to move away from daughter and help her care for the baby. The children of Maxim Vitorgan from his first marriage to Pauline and Daniel are also not left out, and if possible visit the star couple and their brother.