По делу об ограблении Ким Кардашьян задержаны больше десяти человек

The French police are not sitting idly by. As reported by several media sources, during the RAID in the case of the robbery of the American TV star Kim Kardashian was arrested fifteen people. The details of the transaction were not disclosed, so as not to interfere with the investigation.

Recall that in early October last year, the star of the reality show “living with the Kardashian” Kim Kardashian, she is the wife of American rapper Kanye West, has experienced an armed robbery. Five men in masks and police uniforms stormed her room, tied a celebrity, and left in the bathroom.
Taking the box with jewelry, including a ring worth $ 4 million (the total amount of losses amounted to ten million dollars), the attackers escaped, taking with him two mobile phone Kim, which contained the personal information of stars.
That Kardashian has experienced the stress, and say nothing – only the other day Kim first told about what happened to her that awful night. With tears in his eyes, the TV star said that the bandits wanted to shoot her in the back. Due to the shock Kim stopped leaving the house and not appear that at social events – even in the social network. Insomnia and heavy morale Kim influenced her husband, and in late November, Kanye took to a specialized clinic with a nervous breakdown.