Снуп Дог незаконно скачал  новый альбом ДЖЕЙ-ЗИ

Yo-Ho-Ho! Famous American rapper Snoop Dogg has decided that there is no need to pay more and spirittual new album, his colleague JAY-Z “4:44”, viselli June 30. On his page dear respected colleague and wife Beyonce published videoretsenziyu, which admitted in violation of the law.

At the moment the album is only available to subscribers of the streaming service Tidal, belonging to JAY, and Snoop doesn’t use it, and therefore asked a friend to download the album for him. Dog admitted that at first searched for a record on iTunes n did not find it there (it will appear not earlier than July 7).
At the end of the confessions Snoop praised JAY Z, saying that “n did it again”, and urged the rapper to “support others more than yourself.”
Recall that JAY-Z is going on a world tour in support of the new album. First, he was supposed to start in July, but due to the birth of twins, the appearance of which is still not officially said a word, the rapper has postponed a tour in the fall.