Леди Гага выходит замуж

Flamboyant pop diva, the “Queen of monsters” 31-year-old American singer Lady Gaga sleeps and sees, when her beloved 49-year-old Christian Carino, who works as her agent, will make her an offer. The actress wants to play for a summer wedding and is ready to become a bride in the coming months. However, the boyfriend is in no hurry to lead the girl down the aisle.

A novel of Lady Gaga and Christian Carino lasts for six months. As told by the insiders, the singer is crazy about his choice and all preparing for the wedding. However, there is one “but” — the man did not offer her hand and heart. But Gaga thinks it’s a matter of time.
In conversation with my friends the singer told about what triumph wants. Lady Gaga, which is absolutely amazing, not shocking, and is planning a quiet ceremony. She had even chosen the perfect place for your wedding – according to sources, this is the Hamptons – one of the most fashionable areas of new York.
The actress wants the wedding was attended by only her close family and friends, and the marriage vows were spoken in a picturesque place, without sight of the cameras.
The only thing that it is very alarming: Christian Carino while unaware of the far-reaching plans of his companion. But as told friends of the couple, most likely, the man will lead Her to the altar.
Lady Gaga and Christian Carino met at work: a man works as a personal agent of the singer. Their romance began to spin so fast that many people still don’t believe in him. But Gaga is happy and even after such a short period of time ready to wear a wedding dress.
By the way, Lady Gaga, if, Carino will be on one knee in front of her, going to be the bride for the second time. Prior to that, she was getting married to Taylor Kinney, who met 5 years. Kinney did an amazing ring with a huge diamond in the shape of a heart. But it did not save the relationship, the star learned about the numerous infidelities of Taylor and dumped him.