Похудевшая Анфиса Чехова похвасталась фигурой в купальнике Fans delighted with a slim waist actress. Anfisa Chekhov showed the result of hard work. Star for several months carefully watching what she eats, and does yoga. Shape of a young woman is already close to perfect.

      Actress and TV presenter Anfisa Chekhov and many fans still associate with the lady of incredible beauty and tangible advantages. However, a pretty big one Anfisa left only in the memory of those who have not seen it. Today Anfisa Chekhova is a slender lady with a slim waist and large Breasts, and she’s happy to demonstrate the results of work at every opportunity.

      Before this presented itself. The artist with his son Solikom on Saturday went to the pool, where the photo was taken, which Anfisa Chekhova shared with subscribers microblog. The picture shows Him posing in a closed swimsuit, which perfectly demonstrates all the virtues of its updated luxury shapes – smooth curves, clearly defined waist and full Breasts, which miraculously left a decent size, despite the fact that Chekhov’s decently thin. Fans of the actress this picture fascinated. They compliment the star, admiring her form and beauty. Many admit that they Anfisa Chekhova was a real motivator.

      “Anfisushka you perfectly and look great. Today, looking at you, motivate, and went on the Mat, not eat bread. Thank you from my heart for the motivation!”, “You have Breasts made of? Or own? Sorry for the faux pas. Just wondering why everyone is losing weight except breast”, “Beautiful Anfisa, you look great, share a secret,” “Oh, what a woman! Well perfect”, “Anfisa, you are gorgeous! What a waist! Beauty!”, “You can not tear his eyes,” I admire Anfisa Chekhova subscribers microblog stars.

      By the way, in a recent interview, the celebrity has revealed the secret of his phenomenal weight loss. Chekhov emphasized that her slimness is not the result of a strict diet. Anfisa shared with journalists, limiting themselves in nutrition his entire youth, so she decided to give it up. Leading practices a deliberate approach to what she eats. Chekhov studied, what products cause harm to her body, and eliminated them from their menu. For this she has read professional literature, consult with experts and communicate with other people. Anfisa Chekhov has explained rapid weight loss

      The path to slimness was gradual and even imperceptible to herself. The star gave up meat and eggs, instead she eats seafood. Sometimes Chekhov allows himself to cheese, along with live yoghurt. In addition, for several months a woman does not drink sugar, and excluded from the diet of fried and greasy. At the moment Anfisa like raw dishes, especially the desserts.