26-year-old Aaron Taylor-Johnson originally congratulated the wife with the 50th anniversary

26-летний Аарон Тейлор-Джонсон оригинально поздравил жену с 50-летним юбилеем

About love to his wife Director Sam Taylor-Johnson Aaron Taylor-Johnson can go on for hours. Despite the large age difference the couple share 24 years they are still together and can not imagine life without each other.

Recently, Sam celebrated his 50th anniversary. Young husband, of course, congratulated her on this date. He did it very original. On the chest in the heart area Aaron Nabil tattooed the name of his lady.

“Happy birthday! Forever in my heart,” wrote Aaron in Instagram, showing his pumped up torso and of course tattoo fans.

“I first sight fell in love with her. I just realized that I wanted to be with her always. I wanted children — we have children and I am all happy about it,” — told Aaron about meeting his future wife, which occurred in the film about the young John Lennon. There 19-year-old Aaron played the lead role, and Sam was the Director of the project.

Before I met Aaron, Sam has already completed large trials of life: she has twice survived cancer, was left without a husband with two children. An affair with a young actor was a big gamble, she finally decided and made the right decision: “I do not feel any difference. Close people call me Benjamin Button — all our friends think I’m an old soul and Sam, on the contrary, young”.