Six-year-old Anastasia Knyazev from Moscow was recognized as the most beautiful girl in the world

Шестилетнюю Анастасию Князеву из Подмосковья признали самой красивой девочкой в мире Parents don’t tell you about the unexpected title of the child. Anastasia Knyazeva from an early age working in a modeling Agency and takes part in photo shoots and the filming of the videos.
Шестилетнюю Анастасию Князеву из Подмосковья признали самой красивой девочкой в мире

In early December, British newspaper the Daily Mail has recognized Anastasia Knyazev prettiest girl. Six-year-old lives with his parents in the suburbs. “I started calling from Munich, Berlin, Austria and to request an interview, said the “StarHit” Anna, mother of the child. – We were not aware of the article in the Daily Mail. No applications for tenders not submitted. But, of course, pleased. Daughter not said anything yet, maybe will tell later… and do not understand it – Nastia is still at attention”.

As it turned out, Anastasia from an early age got into the modeling business. Parents carefully choose the projects in which their daughter appears. They see that the girl like what she’s doing.

“Daughter from birth was predicted a career as a model. She is very sociable, relaxed, easy to get along with. Everyone around kept saying, “What an extraordinary child! You need to be in advertising”. And so it happened – two and a half years we went to a modeling Agency. He soon held the first photo shoot for a famous clothing brand. After had more projects: for example, the screen saver channels “Russia” and “Home”. Offers come often, but only agree to do worthwhile things,” admitted the mother of a dancer.

Despite the fact that the appearance of six children is admired throughout the world, Anastasia’s parents realize that she needs to get a good education and to be comprehensively developed person.

“Beauty is variable, so I don’t rely only on appearance daughters. Nastia lot of other things – choreography, English language, sculpture, drawing. Recently she is also interested in vocals, so now we look for a music teacher. In the future, when you grow up, all dreams of becoming a veterinarian,” said Anna “StarHit”.

Despite the fact that the parents have not yet told her daughter about her new title, people come to the girl to be photographed. “On the street daughter will learn. In the suburbs, where we live, often fit, saying: “Oh, we you is seen!” Anastasia is always happy to photographed, can talk,” shared Anna.