Сестра Майли Сайрус продает свои слёзы

Not only is Miley Cyrus famous shocking, but her younger sister Noah. She also knows how to attract attention. A month ago she broke up with a loved one rapper Lil Xan, which has shed many tears. Some of them she managed to catch in a bottle and now sells them for $ 12.

Why do it? Of course, to draw attention to the new collection of clothing created together with brand Pizzaslime. Apart from the tears of Noah, the collection includes t-shirts with a photo of the singer’s father Billy ray Cyrus, hoodies and tracksuits. By the way, the collection was created to draw attention to a new album Noah Good Cry, which comes out today.

By the way, Miley herself is now seriously thinking about wedding with Liam Hemsworth. Billy ray Cyrus – father of Miley Cyrus on his page on Instagram once published a picture, which has generated a lot of conversations. The photograph depicts Miley in the white dress. Her face adorned a smile, and from the picture exuded happiness and peace. “I’m so happy…you’re happy,” wrote Billy ray in the comments to the photo, than further confuse its users. Many have suggested that this picture could be made on secret wedding, Miley and her sweetheart Liam Hemsworth. Unfortunately, the reviews a few days no one gave, forcing fans to suffer in the dark. Rumors about the wedding Miley and Liam said the singer’s sister, Noah.

“She’s not married. Maybe just doing something fun in this white dress, don’t know. As for Liam, I love him dearly and treat him well”, — told the Noah edition of Entertainment Tonight.