Singer Jasmine suffers from jealousy

Певица Жасмин страдает от ревности
The star spoke about the difficulties of communicating with children.

Photo: Instagram

Singer Jasmine were faced with one of the most popular issues in education — children’s jealousy. Often, when the family appears kid, his older sister or brother begin to suffer from lack of attention mom, so begins the real struggle for power!

Six-year-old star Margaret cannot come to terms with the fact that she has a younger brother. When the girl was born, all the attention of adults — father, mother and brother Michael (he was already 15 years!) — belonged to her. Myron was born, when the Margarita was only four years. And she still tries “to defend their exclusive rights” to the mother.

“All day among kids fight for a place on the mother’s hands, for the one who will sit, who will sit on the mother…. — complained the singer. — Daisy grows jealous, uhhh… her Poor future husband! (Laughs.) Gave me today: “don’t look at Myron so often!” Well, that’s how she sees it, if I sunglasses?!”

By the way, is not the only problem that Jasmine has shared with his fans.

“The same capricious they have me with the food, — says the star. Miron eats little, it is more difficult to feed, so it is more allowed, the Daisy can be less sweet, but she wants to, and even brother eats “snacks”, so today was the inevitable fight over the ice cream, which mom finally capitulated and bought my little warriors on the sundae”.

Despite the difficulties, Jasmine, of course, doted in their children. She tries every spare moment to spend with them. And if they decided to Wake up my mom at 7 am (and this happens often!), it will be only glad of it.

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