Певица Шер похвасталась моложавостью своей 90-летней мамы

As long as we have parents, we still remain children. On the day 69-year-old singer cher for the first time presented to the public his mother. The former actress Georgia Holt is currently 90 years old, but looking at the picture, which depicts a mother with her daughter, I will not say that the woman has exchanged the tenth dozen.

“Here are the 70 – and 90-year-old woman in our family! Mom no make-up“, — said in comments to the photo.

In the picture, we can see that cher is very similar to my mom and even countless plastic surgeries, which have survived by the artist, can’t hide it. Hallmark mother and daughter are clearly visible cheekbones and a good figure.

After the photo was published, he received thousands of reposts and comments. Most of the subscribers expressed delight, others wondered how it is possible to look like this at their age. Cher, obviously, this discussion is amused and she decided to reply to comments: “I did nothing to this photograph. I could, but why — mom just a couple of wrinkles. She thinks it’s magic.:)”

Later, cher decided to tell another family beauty story: “mom’s lovely skin. Her mother, my grandmother, had one too. She had a young boyfriend and three days before she died, she told him: “I need a pedicure!”

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