Bride deceased tima Brik returned the ring to his family

Невеста умершего Тимы Брика вернула кольцо его семье Jan Grivkovsky decided to help the native producer financially. The girl returned presented to the bride a piece of jewelry with 88 cost thousands of dollars. The control will be sister tima brick.

      Невеста умершего Тимы Брика вернула кольцо его семье

      For many representatives of Russian show-business the sudden death of a well-known PR Director tima Brik in the beginning of February was a real blow. Many popular artists such as Prokhor Shalyapin, Sergey Zverev, Anastasia Stotskaya, Eugene Feofilaktova and others worked together with 29-year-old producer. Shortly before his death, Tim made an offer of marriage to his sweetheart, socialite Joanna Grivkovsky. As evidence of the seriousness of the BRIC gave beloved exquisite jewelry – expensive ring. The girl appreciated the generosity of the gentleman and was quick to boast of the gift of the bridegroom in the microblog. Yana did not hide the cost of the present – 88 thousand dollars.

      The bride tima brick: diamond Elizabeth Taylor, sports car and an affair with the Prince of Monaco

      Passing tima Brik was a challenging period for all his family and friends. Despite the fact that all the property legally passed to the family of the producer, Yana explained that access to the accounts of her groom’s relatives will receive only next year. At the moment the mother of the producer is experiencing some financial difficulties. It turned out that the pensioner had nothing to pay for a decent burial to his son. Then Ian offered to take the ring, which gave her fiance. But Mama timy brick flatly refused the idea. Then Grivkovsky decided to get their way.

      “I went and put the ring in a safe-Deposit box, prepay it for one year and handed a contract and both keys sister Mary tima. I doubt mom will ever get this ring, but to do otherwise I had no right,” said Jan.

      Невеста умершего Тимы Брика вернула кольцо его семье

      After the death of the producer in the press appeared information about the fact that he left to his family huge debts. Supposedly the apartment in which he lived, the loan was issued. But the socialite has completely denied these rumors. Moreover, she stated that housing documents belonged to a classmate tima.

      According to Yana Grivkovsky, her fiance was a very generous person and has not regretted the money spent on their loved ones. Grivkovsky remembered that luxurious ring Tim Brick gave her after signing a big contract. “He and a million dollars would be able to spend a few days, as the money had for him no value, they have appeared for the following periods: we were, we were,” recalls socialite in an interview Womanhit.


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