Singer Basile released a “hot” summer clip “Ocean”

Певец Базиль выпустил "горячий" летний клип "Океан"
11 April 2017 in a clip the singer Basile for the song “Oceans”.

Певец Базиль выпустил "горячий" летний клип "Океан"

Hot summer new product even before videos conquered the hearts of listeners, so a lot of people were expecting a great video to this hit. Basile met the expectations of the audience. We offer You to get acquainted with the video for “Ocean”:

“I wanted to make this album an experiment, but not to get away from their style and melody. For the musical part for me personally, there is nothing in common between “All at once” and an album “Hurricane”, but fans of the first album will easily see my handwriting , and it is probably more because of the lyrics and some melodic lines. For the background it is better to use the sounds of nature. Birds are born to fly, music to make your heart beat faster!”

– said the singer about the new product.

Певец Базиль выпустил "горячий" летний клип "Океан"

Recall that in 2016 he released the album, which included 7 songs. The album “Everything at once” is a set of works corresponding to the anthem this time. “All at once” is not a jumble of different styles, this is the slogan of the modern young man as the Pepsi generation from the 90’s. Listening to the album, you can feel the variety of sound with different moods, with many new features and appeal to the senses, to love with “Oxygen starvation”.

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