Певица Азиза похудела из-за тяжелой болезни

Popular in the 90-ies of the singer Aziz recently revealed that he was seriously ill and quickly lost 10 kilograms. Famous artist suffering from a prolonged depression, which results in an eating disorder. Aziz doesn’t want to leave the house, feeling constantly tired, sleeps badly and has lost weight. As told by the insiders, the reason lies in the tragedies experienced by the star.

53-year-old singer Aziz said that the last time she deteriorated. According to the artist, she suffers from chronic fatigue: a woman a long time is normally awake and not eating. Because of this she lost a lot of weight in just three months. The star shared reasons that hit the disaster: “the Cup is full and cracked. Pain, suffering and despair that have accumulated over all of my hard fate, flooded. Although my life was, of course, a lot of good”. She also stated that he did not want to talk about their problems and share decadent mood. But the critical situation forced her to take out quarrels from a log hut.
Fans of Aziza sure that her health problems are connected with experiences because of trouble in his personal life. We will remind, the singer for a long time searched for love but could not meet the man with which would be happy. When Aziza was 40 and she was in despair, she met businessman Alexander Brodolin. The affair between them lasted 10 years, and the singer was waiting for the proposals hands and hearts of the elect. Brodolin was still on one knee five years ago, the couple was planning a wedding, but it never took place. In 2015, the bride and groom broke up. The reason was the reluctance of Aziza to move from Moscow to the beloved in Saint Petersburg.
In addition, the artist grieved the death of his mother, who died two years ago. On the death of her pop star found out when he participated in show “Toch-V-Toch”.
All the hardships that fell on Aziz became the cause of her psychological problems, which developed into the disease.
Now, shining when the singer was left alone and asks for help. She wants her fans just wished her a speedy recovery and love.