Обанкротившийся Джонни Депп тратит по $2 млн в месяц

Nice to live not forbid, especially if used in anything does not deny. That is so behaved a cult classic, one of the most highly paid Hollywood actors, the 54-year-old johnny Depp, who in the spring of this year, lost his entire fortune in the tens of millions. Despite the fact that world star barely making ends meet, he’s not going to save. Depp didn’t cut back on spending, it is, as before, spends 2 million dollars a month, and says he’d rather sell his soul to the devil than a private jet.

Johnny Depp is practically bankrupt, but to give up the beautiful life of a Hollywood millionaire he is not going. Little by little the actor is selling the posh estate, but lives with a huge cost. On conservative estimates, Depp spends monthly $ 2 million. As told by johnny, the money he had spent on only the Essentials. In this list, a private jet, expensive alcohol, a few elite properties. Without those benefits the main pirate modernity is not his life. According to the actor, he’d rather sell his soul than the personal side. Note that the contents of the aircraft Depp will cost 200 thousand dollars each month.
All the problems johnny Depp blames financial managers. He speaks of the theft and fraud. Unfortunately, the actor may not admit even to himself that in poor financial condition, he was at fault.
We will remind, in January of 2017 appeared in the media correspondence of johnny Depp with his business assistant, Joel Mandel. It men corresponded about the financial component: Mandel told Depp that he owed U.S. banks about $ 4 million. Correspondence dated 2009. As it turned out, all this time, the actor did not pay dialed loans and only take new.
Assistant suggested Depp to spend money careful and moderate appetites, but he wouldn’t. Johnny continued to buy all that met him. The farm of the actor’s 13 luxury villas, several Islands in the Bahamas, boats for $ 18 million and 45 cars of elite class. Alcohol Hollywood star takes about 30 thousand dollars per month. When Depp was asked to explain what has caused such a waste, he said, that alcohol is always an investment, because wine is getting more expensive every year. However, Joel Mandel explained that he bought the drink the actor drinks at once, so the empty bottles certainly money will bring.
Sometimes johnny meet unexpected costs like crazy. So in 2005, the actor has spent on the funeral of his friend, writer hunter S. Thompson $ 5 million. He ordered the production of a special cannon to shoot hunter’s ashes in the direction of the moon.
In 2017 the debt to johnny Depp before the American banks amounted to $ 40 million.