Singer Ani Lorak made a statement breaking a long silence The artist got in touch with fans.

Singer Ani Lorak made a statement, breaking a long silence

As a result, Ani hid, refusing from concerts and, in general, from any comments about what is happening.

Because of this, the Ukrainians immediately took up arms against the artist. Lorak was included in all kinds of black lists and deprived of honorary titles, and her star was also promptly removed from the local walk of fame. By the way, many Ukrainian colleagues turned away from Karolina, who complained that the artist did not even write to any of them and did not ask what their position was.

Singer Ani Lorak made a statement breaking a long silence

Looking at what is happening with other “Russian” Ukrainians, such as Loboda and Brezhneva, who are also with Russia broke off ties, but they are not particularly needed in Ukraine, Carolina made a decision.

Turning to her fans on social networks, she did not divide the people by nationality, writing: “I close my eyes and mentally hug everyone who reads these lines. My heart is overflowing with love, pain, compassion, fear, anxiety. The stage is my life. I can live when I breathe the same air with you. I sing while my songs touch your soul.”

True, being afraid to hear curses from her compatriots, the singer, just in case, closed the comments.

All this time she kept silent and did not appear in public, the only time she got into frame at a party with Kirkorov's children.

And now, while answering questions from followers, she shared a secret, talking about her creative plans.

It turned out that right now Ani is starting to work on a new concert program. She will present it on the big stage, having resumed her work in Russia.

“Very soon I will be able to announce great news to you, I want a big concert, I want to go on stage and give people a new Ani Lorak, new songs, new emotions, everything that has accumulated”,

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