Певица Angelana презентовала дебютную композицию
Russian-American singer Angelina (Angelana) makes its debut on the Russian market with the premiere of the track “I am one”.

Певица Angelana презентовала дебютную композицию

Delicate and graceful beauty with Russian roots, TOP model and singer was a pleasant surprise in the Russian show-business.

Their debut single, the young singer rapidly took the charts of the Russian and biznesinin radio stations and music channels, no doubt having captivating a wide audience.

Says Angelina, the song is about the relationship with her ex-boyfriend and all the girls emerging from the gap with my head held high:

“It’s just thinking out loud… thoughts are strong and confident girl who knows her worth”.

About confidence Angelina knows firsthand. 19 years old girl wins world’s catwalks, starred in commercials of famous brands and regularly appears on the covers of magazines. Reaching certain heights in the modeling industry, Angelina decided to achieve new heights planning to conquer the Olympus of the Russian show-business and having a good chance to place at his starry sky.

New video for “I am one” made in the best traditions of TOP gloss combined with the sensual voice and graceful movements of the girl.

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