Мама Джиджи и Беллы Хадид избавилась от имплантов и филлеров

Star world, it’s hard to do without fillers and implants, because perfection does not exist, and make myself not so easy. With two adult daughters that are closely related to the beauty world, Yolanda Hadid herself caved under social standards. It took her one year to fix mistakes and enter the new year with the body without implants and fillers!

In his instagram star put a picture in your underwear, which shamelessly showed his body free of chemical fillers and implants. “Fifty-five, and I smile inside. I went back to the original 1964. While in the body, free breast implants, fillers, Botox and all that shit, as I thought, I need to be like this, society made me believe that a sexy woman should look that way, while the toxicity of it all almost killed me. Your health is your wealth, so please take informed decision, check the information you give our broken system, before doing something with your body.”

“It took me many years to correct some bad decisions that I made before I finally accepted myself and realized that I am the best version of me without any standards except my own. We must love ourselves and appreciate our unique, one-of-a-kind beauty at any age, as long as we move through this journey called “life”. Beauty is nothing without your health”.

The world of fashion and beauty are very cruel, which is also reflected in the daughters of Yolanda. Not so long ago, Bella attended the promotional event of Tag Heuer in Malaysia, which answered the questions of the presenter and shocked everyone with the story of life. The interviewer asked the model whether in her career a very stressful incident. One she remembered for a long time and that they shared: “Once before going on the runway the zipper on my dress broke. Assistants put it on me and stung the skin, and so much that I started bleeding. So one side of my dress was covered with blood, and I had to keep it so that no one saw this, explained Bella. Was it painful, but I still was on the podium, I was bleeding, but no one noticed”.

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