Шокирующее видео со съемок триллера «Отмель» с участием Блейк Лайвли
Exclusive footage from Australia.

Blake Lively


“Shallow” can safely be called the modern version of the cult
the Steven Spielberg film “Jaws”,
the confrontation of nature in the image of a shark
and man. This time with terrible
the predator is trying to cope young
woman. Nancy Adams surf
on a deserted beach and suddenly
finds that coastal waters
chosen for hunting the great white
shark. Between Nancy
and saving land —
hungry and bloodthirsty sharks. Voltage
increases as the tide
brings hunter and prey. How
be inventive was Nancy shark
is not going to just give up
from their prey and ready to

Conductor of the incredible
battles between man and nature
acts will Collet Jaume Serra, the Spaniard,
hotels in Hollywood 18-year-old guy,
to become a Director. On his account, among other such successful action films as “Unknown” and
“Air Marshal” with Liam Neeson in
the lead roles. The main role of the producers
invited Blake lively. . “I went to great
white sharks in the Bay, Gansbaai in
South Africa, – says the actress.
– I watched these wonderful creatures
in the eye, and for me it was
a true revelation. Always feared
great white sharks, but when you find yourself
next to them in their natural environment
habitat, they do not seem so
too big and scary. They are very
beautiful, friendly and quiet. Dip
helped me a lot, since even at
the set I didn’t take
the shark as a threat – it’s an ordinary being,
trying to survive. As Nancy”.

Sitting on the stone
the actress filmed from different angles, in
with the helicopter. Of course, such
frames can be removed, provided that
next to her was empty. “I
brought on “the set” –
our boulder and a buoy in the middle of the ocean – and
back on shore, leaving one.
I sat there, three hundred meters from the shore,
and struggled with rising tide,
waiting for a helicopter to fly up to the point
shooting. After a few endless
moments in solitude, I finally
heard the roar of an approaching helicopter.
The cameraman filming me for some time,
then again the helicopter was hiding behind
mountain. In total I spent
alone for about thirty minutes,
it was then that I fully felt
the tragedy of the situation, which turned out to
my hero. There are very nice, but personally
it was scary. Received in
the shooting experience is simply priceless”.

The main filming location
the film became a Lord Howe island, a small
an area of land approximately 1,100 kilometers
of Sydney in Australia. Moviegoers without
easily understand why Nancy was pulling it
in this secluded spot, one of the
few on the planet, the remaining
intact. Most of the island
covers virgin forest, many species
plants and animals can meet
only there. In local creeks meet
various types of shellfish, marine
turtle, clownfish, lionfish, tuna,
mackerel, butterfly fish and two-headed
wrasse. The island and coastal water
declared a national nature reserve.
the hardest place was filming
to deliver a protecting barrier from
sharks. The task of installing it was
rests with the stunt coordinator Glenn
Roland and his team. The only way
to be sure that on the set
the site will not swim a real shark.
For the filming of almost every scene was
involved 9-10 boats with 70 specialists
on Board, not counting divers.

The Director wanted
to a shark half the screen time
kept the audience under a lot of pressure.
White shark scary predator, barely
carrying captivity. Not to mention
the risks associated with any shooting these
unpredictable wild fish. So
the second main character has been decided
to draw on the computer. “I came to
the conclusion that the frame should appear
female, – says the Director – Female
white sharks are slightly larger than males and dotted with
the scars left on their skin
the result of lovemaking. In addition,
females are more aggressive and scarier than the males
because protecting offspring”. Behavior
sharks are quite obvious in this case
predictable. Nancy was on her
site by accident. Injuring girl
the shark takes her for food. Nothing
personal, just a shark is a shark.
Closer to the end of the film, when Nancy
begins to fight for their lives, shark
“gives back.” And the girl, and the big fish are doing
what you have, what they are told instincts
– struggling to survive.

The turning point in
the film, when Nancy is on
the stone that is already occupied by Seagull
also affected by the shark teeth.
Girl bird calls Sally, and they
begin to care about each other. Before
filmmakers, the question arose – how
to remove scenes featuring feathered
character. Puppet Chaika not even
was considered as no,
even the most plausible doll is not
you too can look like a real bird.
Then reviewed the options of computer
model Chaika. But it is very difficult to qualitatively
to draw with a computer the bird. Once
chief draftsman and Director of the film
had lunch together. And right on the table
went down a few seagulls. Then it was
decided to find a trainer that
achieve birds that needed
according to the scenario. Trainer Kathy
Brok-Medland ultimately decided
to train a Seagull.

The Thriller “Shallow” is not
able to leave anyone indifferent.
Supernatural beauty of the ocean and
amazing underwater and surface
shooting, great acting new
Hollywood star, terror and hope, which
the viewer alternately experiences.
Voltage. The struggle for the survival of man
sharks as a metaphor for life… the Movie
“Shallow” leaves in the Russian hire
7 July 2016.

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