Друг Максима Виторгана рассказал о его финансовых проблемах

Maxim Vitorgan told about their financial problems, however, is not the press, and his friends, who told the world about it.

“Even before the football championship in France, where is she going with friends Maxim, I met with him and congratulated him on his wife’s pregnancy. Max thanked me, and then the conversation suddenly complained that it disturbs the financial issue,” said the informant.

As it turned out, the family now Vitorgan Sobchak is going through hard times, and all because of the newly acquired apartments, which were spent saving the pair. “They Ksenia a lot of money invested into a new apartment. As he put it, “we have a crisis”, referring to the material side,” added the source.

By the way, the problems associated not only with the acquisition of expensive housing, but also directly from work. Have Vitorgan still have “tails” after filming the sequel of “election Day”, where Maxim was the mastermind.

“The premiere took place in February, but still remained outstanding financial matters with investors. And it’s max’s disappointing…” — summed up the “friend” of the actor.

By the way, to Supplement the family’s income came from Sobchak.

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