Шок: мир увидел самый уродливый купальник

25-year-old contestant of the reality show Lala Kent appeared at the party in a swimsuit in the form of a male torso.

Who said Kim Kardashian crazy? In comparison with the 25-year-old American Lala Kent, member of the reality show Vanderpump Rules, “celtomania” Kim, and her own obsession with spanking seem quite innocent.

Lala also shocking the audience with blue wigs, green nails and awkward outfits. But her new release broke all records.

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The private party poolside at a hotel in Las Vegas she appeared in a swimsuit in the form of a male torso. The front part of the garment was decorated with prints in the form of a naked torso of rapper Tupac who died in 1996.

In General, the swimsuit was not just terrible, it completely eclipsed Lal… From the cute blonde with lovely forms do not trace!

But the girl seems to have been their purpose to take as many editorials of magazines. This goal she achieved with a vengeance!

It is true that journalists have not noticed the personality of the girl, and only compared it with Miley Cyrus, loves these outfits. Looks like a girl, craving fame, urgently need to come up with something new.

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