Шайя ЛаБаф закрыл антипрезидентскую кампанию из-за стрельбы

The safety of people in the first place by Shia LaBeouf. Hollywood actor, star of “Transformers” and “Nymphomaniac” was forced to curtail its anti-presidential campaign “will we not share” that n moved from new York to new Mexico. Less than a week, as near the established web cameras shooting occurred.

Fortunately, from the firing no one was injured, but the Shia are convinced that it is time to turn your performance. On his page on Twitter, LaBeouf wrote that he feared for the health and lives of program participants, and therefore forced to collapse it.
“We are closing the action after shots were fired near the installation. The safety of the participants for me – above all else,” said Shia.
By the way, police discovered streamsage, the only thing known is that at the time of the shooting in front of the camera was empty.
Recall that in the framework of the campaign everyone can go to a web camera and speak in the direction of the new President of the United States of America Donald trump began his speech by saying “It won’t divide us”. After Shia got into it with a supporter of the Republican and tore his sleeve, he had to move his performance to another place, but he was not stuck.