Beyonce will not perform at the Coachella festival due to doctors ‘ orders

Бейонсе не будет выступать на фестивале Coachella из-за предписания врачей

Pregnancy, Beyonce was good news for many, but not for the organizers of the Coachella music festival. Recall that the singer was announced as the headliner of the upcoming music festival, but refused to take part in it at the last moment.

The reason for this was exactly the interesting position of the star: the doctors who observe the course of the pregnancy, strictly forbade Beyonce to get on stage, so it will be a big stress for babies in the womb.

Of course, given how long-awaited are these children for family, Beyonce can’t disregard the prescriptions of the doctors, because clearly they should.

The name of the artist, which will replace Beyonce at Coachella has not yet been named. It is expected that this honor may be given to Taylor swift or Lady Gaga.

Note that earlier, when Beyonce have not refused to participate in the festival, she had to enter into the history of Coachella, as the first 10 years of the artist-a woman who is a headliner. The last time a female headliner was singer Bjoerk in 2007.

Now, in the history of the festival can be inscribed the name of swift or Lady Gaga. We think the choice will fall still, the “mother of all monsters”.