Шепелев написал письмо к годовщине смерти Жанны Фриске

TV presenter has published in the social network of Frank post, which expressed their pain and suffering after the loss of the beloved singer.

Today, June 15, exactly a year since Jeanne Friske. Her death was a real potryasenie not only for her family, but also for ordinary people — All believed to the last that the artist will survive and more will take the stage. But fate decreed otherwise.

Husband of Jeanne and father of her son Platon Dmitry Shepelev, the first publicly talked about their feelings and experiences.

“It is urgently necessary to do something: to resist, to renew, finally, to live again! But I’m rushing at breakneck speed on a motorcycle, standing on the edge of the roof, but somewhere far below me the bustling Avenue, gently floating under the canopy – no. Still I don’t feel like lying on the bottom, weightless, indifferent, like a jellyfish. Me tons of dark water, she filled my ears, my nose, filled my lungs. To resist already too late, nowhere to run. Perhaps this was the bottom. And I gave up,” said Shepelev on his page in Facebook.

On the publication of the presenter immediately responded to his friends and followers.

“Dima, hanging in there. Love you millions,” “Very sincere and strong! Hold still for Jeanne, for the sake of her son, friends, family, communicate, don’t let evil languages you can tick off, No in life more painful pain than that which you experienced. But the dark night comes the dawn… It will be inapplicable, the main thing – do not hide your head and heart. Strength to you,” wrote in the comments of the post Shepeleva Internet users.

Post Shepeleva in the social network, note, is only a short passage to a personal letter to Jeanne Friske, which he noted as the year without Joan that helped him survive and cope with pain, as he raises his son alone.

Full text of the letter of the presenter published on the website of Grazia. And in it the Dmitry first of all admitted that he barely remembers the first months after the death of his beloved.

“…I barely remember the flight to Moscow, sympathetic glances everywhere, attention, ridiculous words of comfort. After all, none of us knows what to say at such moments. Vanity, and then ringing silence. And I alone, emptiness and pain,” said Dmitry.

He also touched on the issue of conflict with the Friske family: “Looking back, who then could imagine that disease and death will be an occasion for endless gossip, esters, articles, reviews. How could think that sorrow alone will become food for gossip to millions of others…”

And addressed to Jeanne: “I kept a diary and every day spoke to love gone in an attempt to understand what happened, to help yourself through it. And one day, after maybe six months it seemed to me that it’s all over, the storm subsided, all meaningful, coming back to me former ease, finally it’s over. Deceptive hope. I was wrong: one had to drink a little more than a glass of wine, and I re-fell – in pain and in rage, blaming you and only you that’s happened that’s left me betrayed, disappeared forever never saying goodbye. And returned the previous “why?” “what’s that?” the helplessness and emptiness”.

In conclusion, Shepelev said that now, a year later, he managed to find strength and start to make plans, he stopped living in the past.

“A year has passed. Subsided the pain, confusion, fear, anger. I think that’s behind us, – said Dmitry Shepelev. — I found the strength to push off, leaving the bottom somewhere far below me. Began to ask himself questions about the future, making plans, thinking finally what I wanted. I don’t live in the past. And only sometimes in the most unexpected moments, you realize how much I miss you. What a pity now you’re not around. I tell you about my son, and he listens carefully. He knows your voice, knows your face and smile. And I know you, in detail, a turn of the head, the tips of his fingers, laughing. And from this know that love is alive without the presence of. It’s just there”.

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