She showed wedding photos

Ирина Горбачева показала свадебное фото
The actress celebrates the anniversary of Dating with my husband.

Photo: Instagram

She and her husband Gregory Kalinin celebrates 7-year anniversary of Dating. The actors met in 2010. Irina first saw future husband on TV in the movie “the Fog”. Then she thought, “WOW!” Gregory was interested in her as a man and as an actor.

A personal encounter took place a little later. Gorbachev came to the set to a friend. In the same film was shot and Kalinin. Introduced them.

“He sat in the pasted mustache and someone enthusiastically talking, — said Irina. — I thought I didn’t like him.”

In fact, it was love at first sight. And it turned out that on the same day, when the actors are a big company went to a night club. Two days later, Irina and Grisha began to live together.

Wedding lovers played in March 2015. Dress the bride was not white but black, with a flesh-colored lace. The actress saw this dress in the showroom when I was looking for something special for the wedding ceremony and fell in love with him. Gorbachev says that white dress she’ll have — she’ll wear it to the wedding.