Шерон Стоун молодеет от чувств к новому бойфренду Hollywood star had an affair with the owner of a sports Agency. They say that the actress has already introduced the second half with his sons. Children of Sharon stone easily found common language with him. In this context, surrounded by the actress talking about the wedding.

      Шерон Стоун молодеет от чувств к новому бойфренду

      Western tabloids write about that 58-year-old actress Sharon stone happy in a relationship with 62-year-old sports agent Lonnie Cooper. To the delight of paparazzi, the couple spends a lot of time together, sunbathing on the beach, doing shopping and eating in restaurants. Correspondents managed to learn that the lovebirds went on a romantic vacation to the island of St. Barts is a favorite place of French millionaires.

      According to insiders, Cooper cares for the Hollywood star for several months. Friends Sharon say that the actress on seventh heaven and has already introduced the choice with your children. As stated by the sources close to the celebrity, her sons were left in complete awe of the elect mother. The heirs of the stone managed to make friends with him. The behaviour of Roan Joseph, Laird Vaughn and Quinn Kelly gave Sharon thinking about the wedding. However, nothing concrete about it yet unknown.

      “They have become a joke to call him dad. However, this made the actress to wonder — maybe it really is again to go under the crown, because she believes Lonnie is absolutely perfect,” shared the insider.

      By the way, before Sharon stone said it plans to take a break in relationships with men. “At the moment, I get more satisfaction, physically, spiritually and emotionally, from the smiles, laughter, warm conversation, and sexual attitudes. My life is rich in events and without the novels,” the star said in June last year.

      Seem for a new boyfriend, the star has decided to make an exception. The photographs that appear on the pages of the tabloids, lovers demonstrate a real idyll. It seems that Sharon stone like younger and blossomed. In the company of Lonnie Cooper star is always smiling and literally glowing with happiness. Paparazzi managed to shoot, as the actress and her lover playing on the beach like teenagers.

      Note that the second half of a Hollywood star, eligible bachelor. The man is the owner of a successful sports Agency, which employs more than 200 people. And unlike the previous pass stone, he’s not a young boy who is much younger than the actress. Perhaps that is why Cooper is very serious about his new relationship.